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Meld deg på i dag!

Galdhøpiggrennet – the ultimate telemark-race?


Welcome to Galdhøpiggrennet – one of the most spectacular ski-races in Norway.

This is mountaineering the original way, with telemark-skis (free heal) and a 5 kilo backpack. A alpine/randoné-class for the first time in 2013. Galdhøpiggrennet dates back to 1934. At Svellnosi – a 2100 meter high peak close to Northern Europe’s highest mountain Galdhøpiggen (2469) – the 3,4 kilometer long telemark-race in off-piste conditions starts. Some minutes later, how long off course depends on your own skills, you will finish at Spiterstulen (1000). This is one of the famous lodges in Jotunheimen, and the base of Galdhøpiggrennet. On the way down you will experience all kinds of conditions, from loose, deep snow to ice on the glaciers. Names like Dybvads horror, Sizziz schucht, Blue-ice, and Knee-shivers, clearly describes what to expect.

For some, the climb from Spiterstulen to the starting point, also gets the blood pumping. Since we are in the middle of Jotunheimen National Park, no lifts or snowmobiles are allowed. You should expect about three hours on your feet before you reach Svellnosi. On the way up you will enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The fastest skiers will go down again in 3 minutes and some seconds. But Galdhøpiggrennet is not a race only for the fastest. This is a gathering for almost everybody and first of all a social event. You can participate together with your friends and compete as at team of three. Or you can make the run on your own. You will meet 300-400 dedicated telemark-skiers and for sure get new friends. If not elsewhere, at the prize giving ceremony and the party at Spiterstulen after the race.

So please reserve this last weekend before Easter for a visit to the roof of Norway, Spiterstulen and Galdhøpiggrennet. See you there.

For more information: Please contact race-leader Per Olav Tangen – e-mail: potangen@online.no.